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Lets try something new... a video blog

Video blog entry No. 1

Since I don't post as often as I'd like I'll try to make it quicker by posting it as a Vlog haha because why not !!

Here it goes...

So? was it ok? did you understood me?
Thanks for watching! =)

My Cats

I was intending to make a post about my precious cat named Katty <3

She's been my cat ever since she was a little baby... like 1 month old.. and adopted her from a good lady who picked all the babies up from the street to find them a home =) I was walk-passing to the store and saw her and decided one of them would be mine =)

 This was my Katty when she was just 2 or 3 month old...

 And she used to sleep with her little cat <3 haha

 Now, after a few years hahaa like... 10 years, she's now a full grown lady cat... so stilish and pretty  hahaha I love her even more.

 Very pretty right??? =) As for her personality, she's got so little patience, she likes to be touched and hugged just a little and later she doesn't want and starts biting and scratching; but that doesn't stop me haha I love to tease her... She's always where the people is and observes. She is not confident with everybody but when she finds someone that she likes, she lets them touch her and a…

Comeback (?) hahaha sort of =)

As much as I like to have a Blog, I'm currently finding LiveJournal far to fun xD !!

So from now on, I'll post in LiveJournal and if is good enough I'll post it here aswell =) !!

Yay !!

If you want to, you can add me in JL: ale_irenear ! =)

Quick Stop... ?

Today I was running on low gas (half of the last quarter of the tank) and I should've refill it in the morning but I didn't then at lunch time but again I didn't hahaha and so I promised myself I was going to do it after work... 

And here I am...

You may be asking, why is she taking the time to write while refilling the tank... Well in the morning I was already low on gas... By 7 pm I'm afraid I'll be out of gas and the car will stop at any time hahaha and place... And today is raining!!! Hahaha I don't want to!! Well beside that, I arrived to the gas station to find out that when they started putting gas to my car there was no system and the pistol was not throwing gas!!! 

So they told me that they had gas and the system was going to be reboot and that maybe it would take them some minutes... So I decided to wait here...

I forgot to mention is peak hour and next gas station is not very close haha.

Anyway, thankfully this gas station has a convenience store at proba…

Traveling passion

When travelling is your thing... you can never have enough... The world is just too big! Haha but ok, I'll narrow it down to my favorite destinations which are Asia and Europe, still too big and full of wonders.

That's the thought I've had ever since I came back from Japan some months ago. The trip it was awesome, I think I could've make some things better but still it was great... but as I came back I felt like I didn't belong back here... which is not right since everything I have and own is back here in Mexico, but still the feeling was there. As time passes one begins to move on and fall again into our routines, waiting for the next time the opportunity and the circumstances will be just right to do it again and feel the freedom of traveling.

Why is it so difficult to do it often... well, I actually do have the answer to that, I don't have enough money to do it often; but in reality I think is a good situation to be in, because I know that if travelling was…

My experiences with children #2

I think one of my biggest challenges everyday, well no, every morning is waking up my little niece (3-4 year old) strongly enough for her to wake up, but nice enough that she doesn't wake up crying that she wants to continue sleeping...

Is so difficult, I can't get the hang of it... or maybe everybody has this kind of issues but doesn't say anything; I wouldn't know.

Anyway, every day is a strugle and it is not the same everyday, one day she wakes up nice and happy but throws a tantrum because she doesn't want to change from her pijamas... or another day, I wake her up and she began crying because she doesn't want to wake up at all...

So everyday is a new kind of bargain, negotiation, manipulation, extorsion hahaha that I have to apply in order for her to wake up and do what I want her to do...

Maybe there is no formula for this... I've no idea...

For starters, one of the main reasons that she doesn't want to wake up, and I think is in part my fault, is that…

My experiences with children #1

So, today I finally decided to wash my car, after weeks of procrastination, because I just couldn't bear seeing it as dirty as it was. It has been a very weird rainy season here in my city. And since I decided I was NOT going to take it to a car wash I told my niece (3 almost 4 years old) to help me wash it, since he loves anything related to getting dirty and wet; so this was perfect!
We started by rubbing off the dirt with water, I wasn't going to be very thorough with the wash since it's still rainy season and probably tomorrow will rain again; so I decided that new dirt in the clean car is better than dirt on dirt on dirt... So we started, and to encourage my niece I started teasing her.
Me: come on!  Niece: I'm cleaning this door! Me: I'll clean faster than you! And I'll win! Niece: No! We are going to win together!  Me: ...... [No words]
It was teamwork, and I tried to make it a competition between the two of us... Haha something so simple and so powerful, t…

Friending Meme (?)

Ok, well I found this post on LiveJournal and I decided to play along... and here it is the question section =)

Looking for lj friends? join the fun!


What's your name? Ale Aguirre
Where are you from/where do you live now? Monterrey, Mexico
Are you married? Partnered? Do you have kids? Tell us a little about yourself! Not married or partnered, no kids...

What's your favorite food? I love all kinds of food, my specific favorite is Spicy Food anything that's spicy i like it... except Wasabi... maybe my favorite is Tacos =) haha real mexican tacos!
You're granted the power to eradicate one food item from the face of the earth: what do you get rid of, and why? I can't think of any specific food, but I have to say I don't like food that comes from rotten things..(?) I don't know how to explain it, like wasted milk... wasted cheese... those kind of foods I particularly don't like very much...

What's your favorite book? I don'…

10 Travelling Tips

I like travelling a lot, if you ever get to see around this blog you will see some of my trips re-cap. 
Unfortunately I don't get to do it very often, only when I have enough money to do it and time... but I've done it enough to make a list of tips that may be helpful in case you want to make a short trip and keep it in your budget!
1. Find a bed I believe the most important thing when you already know you are going to travel is to find where to stay! Even though you could do it at the moment of your arrival, is always more comfortable to do it while you're at home. 
There are very good booking sites, but the one i personally like the most is because it offers very good quality places with very accessible places! Also, if you know to which airport, station, or place you will be arriving it offers hostel localization in a map so you can select those closer to your arrival place or close to a subway station and you don't have to walk or go long

Moment App – Results

So, my last entry was about this Moment App, which again I’ll leave you BuzzFeed’s video that made me download it in the first place.

So, my predictions were that maybe I use my iPhone around 2 hours and I pick it up from 60 to 80 times a day.

Here are the results from the 1st day. Actually downloaded the app on January 26 (Enero 26) but it was at night so I started counting from the next day.

So, it was almost the same amount I predicted... 127 minutes equal 2.12 hours, but I picked it up only 26 times... so probably some of those 26 were heavy usage pick ups haha..

I continued using the app for the following week and here are the results of the next days... why? because I thought the first day it was going to be "not very real" since I knew the app was counting my time on the phone, but by the 2nd day I totally forgot about it, and so I remembered yesterday when I was thinking about what my next entry would be about :) !

This is my week phone usage, in minutes!

So there y…

Moment App

So I downloaded in my iPhone the Moment App.. which it is supposed to track how much I use my phone during a certain period of time...

I'm going to guess that in 1 day I use my phone a total amount of time of 2 hours... and I pick it up... around 60 to 80 times a day =O

Thats my guess... Later on I'll post my resoults :)

I'll leave you with this video from BuzzFeed where I got the idea to try the app !!

Click here for more information on Moment App.