Things I’m Grateful For

Prompt Entry #2

A list of things I’m grateful for… Many, I think, but I’ve never tried to list them before, so I’ll start.

I’m grateful for/because...

  1. My mom and dad, because they’ve been the best teachers in my life and they continue to be.
  2. My sisters, one that is my very best friend and another that makes me want to be a better person everytime.
  3. My niece and nephews, but mostly my niece because she’s a light in my life, is cheerful and makes me smile every time.
  4. The happiness and health of the people I listed above.
  5. My health.
  6. The roof I have over my head and the food in my table.
  7. My current Job, even though sometimes it makes me want to quit, I’m happy that I have it.
  8. My friends, because they’re still there even though I’m not the most talkative person.
  9. I got the oportunity to attend school and get a bachelor degree with a scolarship.
  10. I’ve travelled to wonderful places with wonderful people.
  11. All my mistakes, because they’ve made me grow into the person I am today.
  12. I’ve never been in a major accident nor have a sirious desease.
  13. I’ve been able to buy the thing’s I wanted.
  14. All the people that has come and gone in my life, that have had an impact either big or small in my life.
  15. Everyone and everything in my life.
  16. All the experiences and opportunities I’ve had.
  17. My dreams, goals and expectations, because they keep me moving and trying to be better in order to make them come true.
  18. Who I am, and what I’ve become.
  19. I’m alive and happy.

I think for now, those are the ones I can list… But I’m pretty satisfied by them.


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