The best thing that happened to you this week

Continuing with this… haha (because why not!)Prompt Entry No. 5
What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
Frist, this week covers from today to 7 days back… meaning from July 12 to July 18, 2017.Well actually this week was a good week, first, it was my niece’s 6th birthday! and I asked some days off from work and spent the whole day with her and she loved it! =)We went to a place called Kidzania, which is a small city for kids where they can play to be adults and work and earn money… (haha if they knew) But it was actually a good excercize for my niece because she had to follow orders either way but have fun at the same time! So we enjoyed it very much!

That week I also rested a LOT, there was one day where I almost slept the whole day and only woke up to eat haha it was awesome! 😌Later I visited the new house of a recently married friend and watched some concerts and movies and it was great! I cooked some, we talked a lot and enjoyed time together!Next day, it was one of my…

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Since november of 2016 I joined a Book Club in my city, it has been so fun! I’ve made a lot of friends and I’m also reading a lot and I’ve been able to chat with my friends about the books that I love and the ones I don’t.This month of July, the book we voted to read is called The Graveyard Book by author Neil Gaiman. This book was one of the first ones I’ve ever read..


This small beautiful book tells the story of a small baby that, while his family was being murdered, managed to escape his house and ultimately being killed. Crawling he managed to go up the hill to an antient graveyard where the resident ghosts decided to adopt and protect him from any harm that may come his way in the course of his childhood. But since none of the ghosts are able to go out the graveyard to find food for him a new character appears called Silas, who decides to become the baby’s guardian while Mr and Mrs Owens become his foster parents.After a lots of options, they decide to name t…

Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews

In all honesty, I read this book because I was morbidly curious. Some friends of mine started telling me about this story and how it was kind of forbidden but very good, and I had been looking for a story like this… but I wanted a good one, and specially, one with a good ending! I love good endings, even if they’re forbidden! hahaSo I started it about 3 or 4 days ago, and I couldn’t put it down! It is written in frist person by one of the characters and everything is from her point of view.
It starts with a seemingly perfect, beautiful family that is suddenly struck with the death of the father.The mother, being all prettily useless, decides that since she’s never learned how to work they’ll best go beg on her parents mercy and wealth. From there we know something’s not right becuase the kids never knew their mother actually had a family (even though the oldest is 15 y/o), either way they go and things go from bad to worse from there.They arrive in secrecy to a very big and wealthy hou…

The Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer

So, I finished reading the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer today for the 2nd time and I have to say, there hasn’t been a book that catches me like this in a long time! I loved it!The Lunar Chronicles are a series of 4 main books as follows:
1. Cinder
2. Scarlet
3. Cress
4. WinterAnd 2 extra books of stories…
1. Stars Above (a compilation of stories that are set before, in the middle and after the storyline of the the 4 books above)
2. Fairest (Story about Levana.. I think) I haven’t actually read this one… haha

I have to start by stating that the 4 main books are spin offs from the classic stories most of us (girls) have grown up with haha I’ll let you to find out which one is which… (it’s very easy though, you can know from the book covers…)As I said at the beginning this series got me so absorbed that I had to read them 2 times and I still feel very attached to every character… they’re so relatable and at the same time… not haha.*** Spoilers Ahead ***In short (lol), this story is set in…

I need… I want…

I need a change… I need something new… I need vacations… I need to find a new great book… I need to search for a new job… I need to save money… I need to pay my debts… I need to find out what am I supposed to do with my life...I need to do and find out a lot of things… I want changes… I want motivation… I want to travel… I want love… I want a new job… I want to be better… I want to read faster… I want to think faster… I want new clothing… I want to live somewhere else… I want to write more...I want lots of things...I wonder when will I begin fuflilling each one of them...Should I make a check list?How does one measures importance in these kind of issues…?Am I missing something to start making them happen?I need lots of things… I want lots of things...One day… perhaps tomorrow, I’ll start...


Propmt entry No. 4.
“The last time I celebrated something"Good question!! I’ve been to parties and reunions, but the last time I remember I actually celebrated anything was the 5 year old birthday of my niece, which was a few days after my birthday for which I didn’t acctually celebrate.. haha We celebrated in a Party Saloon which was very cool and was full of things for kids to play with, If I was a kid I would’ve love the place!!My mom and I organized the party and we were thrilled to see that many people came to congratulate Gaby, and she of course loved it as well, even today she still asks if we’ll go to that place again for another party of hers. KIDS! hahaHer party was on June, which means it was a long time ago since I’ve acctuallt celebrated anything… maybe next week if I win a concert ticket ballot I entered I’ll celebrate again in this 2nd half of the year!! But lets see how things turn out.Be happy!Enjoy!

Things that make me happy

Continuing with my blog prompt, the next entry will be about things that make me happy!The fact that my family is with me, is healthy, together and happy!
This little girl smile.. Traveling anywhere!
Read a good book.
Give gifts to other people and see their reaction.
Making hand crafts.
Eating!!Organizing events and making crafts <3
The smell of coffee.
The smell of the woods.
Hot chocolate or coffee when is very cold.
See Arashi be Arashi.
Learn new things.
See my friends.
Neat and ordered things make me happy.Japan.Buying craft supplies & stationary.My bullet journal =)
I can’t think of anything else, but I’m sure there is more! If simple things make us happy, then we will happier often <3 haha Enjoy!